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The Chrysalis View

Here at Chrysalis, we've undertaken a serious commitment to restoring the native American grape, Norton, to its position of prominence as a source of world class wines.  Cloaked in myth and mystery for decades, Norton thrives in the mid-Atlantic and Midwestern regions, and produces a robust red wine with big fruit flavors that ages beautifully over the years.  One hundred and twenty five years ago, Norton wines were deemed the “best red wine of all nations” at a worldwide competition in Vienna. Today excellent Norton wines are again being produced in many states east of the Rockies. Some quality producers include:

Abingdon Vineyard & Winery (Virginia)
Augusta Winery (Missouri)
Baltimore Bend Vineyard (Missouri)
Bethlehem Valley Vineyards (Missouri)
Bluemont Vineyard (Virginia)
Bommarito Estate Almond Tree Winery (Missouri)
Burnley Vineyards (Virginia)
Cave Vineyard (Missouri)
Chrysalis Vineyards (Virginia)
Cooper Vineyards (Virginia)
Crown Valley Winery (Missouri)
Davenport Orchards & Winery (Kansas)
French Lick Winery (Indiana)
Hermannhof Vineyards (Missouri)
Hinnant Family Vineyards (North Carolina)
Holy-Field Winery (Kansas)
Horton Vineyards (Virginia)
Jowler Creek Vineyard & Winery (Missouri)
Keswick Vineyards (Virginia)
Kugler's Vineyards (Kansas)
Les Bourgeois Winery & Vineyards (Missouri)
Mary Michelle Winery (Illinois)
Montelle Winery (Missouri)
Mount Pleasant Winery (Missouri)
Piasa Winery (Illinois)
Rappahannock Cellars (Virginia)
Rockbridge Vineyard (Virginia)
Spirit Knob Winery (Illinois)
St. James Winery (Missouri)
Stone Hill Winery (Missouri)
Stone House Vineyard (Texas)
Sugar Creek Vineyards & Winery (Missouri)
Summerside Vineyards (Oklahoma)
Tehuacana Creek Vineyards and Winery (Texas)
The Winery at La Grange (Virginia)
Tiger Mountain Vineyards (Georgia)
Tower Rock Winery (Missouri)
Valhalla Vineyards (Virginia)
Veramar Vineyard (Virginia)
Westphalia Vineyards (Missouri)
Wintergreen Winery (Virginia)

Chrysalis Vineyards has now established what is believed to be the largest planting of Norton in the world, with additional vineyards to come.  We hope to establish a new standard of excellence for the creation of world class wines from this classic American vine.

Technical Notes: Norton (sometimes referred to as Cynthiana).  The Norton is dark in color with big fruity flavors, firm acidity, and a sweet taste that does not deliver typical "foxy" flavors and fragrances. It is very Bordeaux-like with no grass, herb, hard acids, astringency, or tongue-wrenching tannin. The very best drinks effortlessly, ages magnificently, and no American wine cellar is complete without it.  It is hardy to -20°F, and is perhaps the most disease-resistant variety commercially grown for wine production in the world.  This is the most expensive non-vinifera grape in eastern America.