Some of Chrysalis Vineyards Grape Varieties


Leaves are important indicators of the health of the vineFor centuries, Old World vintners utilized a broad panoply of grape varieties and blending techniques to enrich and highlight the taste and enjoyment of well known wines. Today, Chrysalis Vineyards continues this tradition, committed to producing unique wines, to be enjoyed in their own right, affording wine tasters a more complete palate of flavors, aromas and textures. Discover the exceptional Spanish and French varieties of Chrysalis Vineyards, and learn how the art of winemaking brings new life to old favorites.

(Note: The grape varieties listed below are only a sampling of our varieties. We grow and experiment with over 20 different grape varieties, some of which are new and unique grape types grown only in our experimental vineyards.)


| Norton | Viognier | Albariño | Tempranillo | Graciano |